about 2020Ours is a story of saving the future of young people in impoverished communities by providing educational, emotional and social support.

In 2005 the journey of hope begun for the youth across Bushbuckridge after the visionary, Mrs. Creseldah Ndlovu, heeded the call of the soul to be the help she once needed. Born from a single parented household, at the age of 16 she assumed the role of parent to her siblings as her mother’s working schedule allowed her to only come home once every 3 months. The responsibility increased as she had to juggle schoolwork, family and social engagements. What this experience, of being a teen mother to her siblings, did to her is that it made her more responsible and developed her into a proactive teenager, then. Or as she would describe it – it made her streetwise. This is because she was not raised with a silver spoon in the mouth.

At that tender age of 16, she initiated opportunity to have her own local salon to make ends meet. One of the gut-wrenching challenges she faced is that, regardless of the fact that she was a responsible, proactive and focused teenager, growing up in a deep rural remote area limited her access to opportunities due to lack of resources and information.

Out of compassion, as a woman who is not afraid to show people her heart, in 2005 she got into community development work with one vision – to contribute to the eradication of poverty within rural areas by cultivating the culture of education amongst young people.

She heeded this call because she knew that there are lots of teen Creseldahs out there, and as an epitome of possibility and as someone who understands the pain and struggle that those other Creseldahs are going through, she wants to create enabling environments for them to not get drowned in those circumstances – she wants to be the help she wishes she had.

So, 2005 marked the beginning of Creseldah Education Foundations (Legal registered in Aug 2013) which started its community service work by opening an orphanage centre in the local area of Croquetlawn [and it is still fully operational, on a daily basis, to date, 15 years later.]

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Bushbuckridge Radio, Munghana Lonene FM, Bushbuckridge News, SABC 2 and other media companies supporting our work.

Creseldah Education Foundation is a 15-year old registered Public Benefit Organization under Section 18A (1)(a) and (1)(b) with the following Public Benefit Activities: Food, Sustainability, Water, Education, Health and Medical Services. The Organization provides educational, emotional and social support to young people on quest to eradicate poverty.

We believe that every young person has a right to learn and have a good future regardless of their backgrounds [poverty stricken]. Children from underprivileged homes, orphans and the vulnerable have a special place in our heart.

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