Why Girls Academy?
"Strong Girls , Strong World"
"There are no "small" decisions in life"

  • Girls Academy covers both teenage mothers and young girls between the age 10 - 25 years.

  • Someone once wrote "girls with goals becomes women with vision" those are the types of women we want to raise despite their family backgrounds.

  • Teenage mothers lack confidence, lack role models, lack support and confused hence CEF stand in the gap.

  • We stand against arranged marriages.

  • Girls Academy is also for gender equality, we are closing the gap of poverty through educating a girl child.

  • We do women economic development projects for empowering our young women.

    We also provide washable and reusable sanitary towels that last longer to keep them in school even during their menstruation cycles.


We have a 12 year old girl as our ambassador in London UK. she has so passion passion in needy girls.

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Some of our donors, media support, partners & stakeholders

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